Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Is the biatch still on the loose?

Can the authorities PLEASE lock-up this rabid racist son-of-a-bitch ....... and throw away the key?

Or do we have to do it ourselves?

Here's my gift to this wasted sperm

To his fellow traitors and penderhakas, go filth some other land!

And don't let the door hit your tails on the way out ...... assholes.

As for Najib, grow some spine lah and act like a true PM for the real rakyat for a change. The patriotic majority are tired of your Malay Apologist stance and constant pandering to the neo-Communist bastards.

Patriots, we need a
Flame Text -
..... of our inner soul, of our collective mindset, as the patriotic majority of our Tanah Air tercinta.

Now get off your butt and start reclaiming Malaysia from the treacherous subversives and their apologist stooges.


  1. On Najib when awarding scholarship based on (suspected) "apologetic" stance, rather than anything else, I like to re-quote below, what I have quoted from TDM, in my blog HERE.

    "How Higher Education Was Afforded To The RACISTS By Govt's Policy - "...Government decided to allow for private colleges and universities to be set up. They can twin with recognised foreign universities and should issue their diplomas and degrees. The reason for allowing private institutions of higher learning is to reduce cost of tertiary education so that the parents who could not afford to send their children abroad can have access to foreign qualification from local private institutions. You can guess who are the beneficiaries of this Government policy..."

    So.. the way I see it, the act of giving MORE scholarships to this particular group of community, which by far and large, the economicably more able community, has further denied the more deserving group to afford higher education. Basically the 'able' is getting more and more, the 'less able' is getting less and less. You can guess what will happen years from now.

    I wonder whether Najib is able to see anything below the surface when he embarks into a certain policy. Does he even see the surface himself, or someone else like his advisors, made him 'see' the surface of things? Let alone things under the surface. Najib definitely fails and not very far-sighted (does he even has a sight at all?) in this respect.

    On the topic of rabid-racist SOB, here is an entry at my other blog, Voices Around:-

    Malaysian's WMD, wee meng dung, feat. csl & teeny weeny 'porn'ic mother tongue websites

  2. Talking about Mahathir, i really frustrated when he introduced merit system to replace quota system. Because of HIM University of Malaya is now full of chinese ..

  3. to anonymous:

    Based on merit.. right? would you rather University Malaya be for all Malays even dumb ones but still manage get in, or smart Malays plus smart people of other races?

    Mind you UM punya ranking sudah sampai 300+ this year.. so please lar bodoh.