Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Perkasa Rally, Pasir Mas


Rumbustious bands of motorcyclists roar near the
rally site as the crowd awaits Tun Dr. M's arrival.

The crowd gravitates towards the KTM station rally site.

The crowd spilling over the busy road skirting the rally site.

TDM's motorcade squeezing through the thick boisterous
crowd of Perkasa supporters and curious onlookers.
The traffic cop gave KM a ringside view of the proceedings .

TDM (red arrow) welcomed by the local Chinese lion dance
troupe (the Cino Kapong Pasé Mah, not of the
alien NgehNga variety) as he wades his way to the podium.

TDM at the podium with Brahim Ali.

Part of the huge crowd that turned up at the rally.

This is real, unadulterated grassroots politics.

No comfy khemahs and lavish buffet spread; no opportunities to gain political favours and Class F contracts and what not; no promises of shortcuts to heaven ... no nothing but an opportunity to stand in the blazing sun to show support for a higher cause.

Bravo to the Ogh
é Pasé Mah!

So Teuku Adnan thinks UMNO can topple Brahim Ali in his own lair? On top of PAS' own plans to re-Talibanise Pasir Mas? Yeah, why not? Bring them on ... and make this the mother of all hot seats come PRU13.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Is the biatch still on the loose?

Can the authorities PLEASE lock-up this rabid racist son-of-a-bitch ....... and throw away the key?

Or do we have to do it ourselves?

Here's my gift to this wasted sperm

To his fellow traitors and penderhakas, go filth some other land!

And don't let the door hit your tails on the way out ...... assholes.

As for Najib, grow some spine lah and act like a true PM for the real rakyat for a change. The patriotic majority are tired of your Malay Apologist stance and constant pandering to the neo-Communist bastards.

Patriots, we need a
Flame Text -
..... of our inner soul, of our collective mindset, as the patriotic majority of our Tanah Air tercinta.

Now get off your butt and start reclaiming Malaysia from the treacherous subversives and their apologist stooges.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

"I'm sorry I made a mistake ..." - Anwar


Yeah bradder.

You sure owe the Rakyat a BIGGGGG apology for fielding these mutants and freakzoids ...