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Khoo Kay Peng PWNED

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For the original article by Khoo Kay Peng ("KPKhoo") in Straight Talk, please go here.

Note: Bold and italics added for emphasis.

KPKhoo said:-
“I feel compelled to respond to an initiative by a group of 'pro-unity' bloggers to campaign for a common education system for all. The proponents are a group of Malay bloggers. I am not sure if they are really 'pro-unity' as claimed by Rocky Bru.”

See the instantaneous racist undertone of Khoo Kay Peng's writing?

Why highlight race? What does “a group of Malay bloggers” mean? Is “Malay” some sort of “passport” to validate the racism and delusional logic that follow? And this happens all the time in the subversive blogs. To them, “Malay” is a codeword to spew unbridled racist hate and venom. Imagine if KijangMas or Rocky or God forbid, Tun Dr. Mahathir, starts his post with the line: “a group of Chinese bloggers”? Cries of “racism” would reverberate from these very same racists. See for yourselves the obsession with RACE among the very people who use “anti-racism” as a smokescreen to pursue their own anti-Malay racist agenda in this land? Dr. M was spot on in his comment here.

KPKhoo said:-
“It is a good proposal to integrate our school systems. A common education system is a foundation of national unity if students of various ethnicity would be allowed to learn the language of their choice.”

I hope he is NOT referring to the Bahasa Penghantar here, the language of instruction in the school. If his “students of various ethnicity would be allowed to learn the language of their choice” refers to the teaching of foreign languages per se such as Mandarin or Tamil or Arabic, then this is clearly provided in the Satu Sekolah proposal and mentioned explicitly in the memo. If Khoo Kay Peng actually took the trouble to read the memo and understand the content, he would have come across this passage:-

Kesemua Sekolah Vernakular yang ada sekarang harus diserapkan kedalam Sistem Sekolah Kebangsaan dimana peruntukkan secukupnya dibuat untuk menyediakan pembelajaran bahasa ibunda khusus untuk mana-mana murid yang memerlukannya.

See? It’s there. Yes, learning of "mother tongues" and foreign languages are allowed. We are not as greedy as you people. We are givers, not takers. But if KPKhoo actually calls for the teaching of other subjects in the pupils’ “language of their choice,” then we have a problem. This is the very ailment afflicting the vernacular schools and a key catalyst to the estrangement of Malay vs. non-Malay pupils and among the general populace across our land. Can KPKhoo actually show us a working model for the masses of this “common schools” where young people are taught in the “language of their choice”? Where?

Lets do the math.

We will need three teachers to teach, say, geography in Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin and Tamil simultaneously to a bunch of confused students. Or do we divide the class into three linguistic clusters? Imagine we have six classes per standard/year, e.g., Standard 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 2E and 2F (yeah I know, nowadays they call these ABCs by catchy names like Bijak, Cekal, etc.). Now, in each class, e.g., 2B, do we then further segregate these above average students into three language clusters? So we will have 2BM (for 2B Melayu), 2BC (2B Cina) and 2BI (2B India)? Now for standard 2, we have a permutation of 3 x 6 = 18 groups of students demarcated and aggregated by intelligence and language choice. And this for a school of only six classes. I've come across schools with up to 14 classes per standard/year. Now multiply the six classes per standard/year with six years (Standards 1 to 6). We then have 36 classes x 3 language clusters = 108 groups of youngsters separated by intelligence and language.

Boleh kah?

How many teachers do we need then? How many types of books? Classrooms? Exams how?

See what happens when racists recommend policies? And I heard this guy actually “consults” companies? Interesting. His trade competitors better put this critique in their company profile then.

KPKhoo said:-
“Education system in US, Belgium, France and other developed countries provide an opportunity for high school and undergraduates to pursue exchange programmes with various institutions from other countries. This is what globalisation of education is about.”

Kay Peng, why are you using “exchange programmes” between foreign countries to rebut Satu Sekolah? There is no rationale continuum between these two exogenous factors to construct any meaningful logic derivative. We don’t even have apples and oranges to compare here. People, see the desperation and logic disconnect in this Leng Chai’s argument? He’s grasping at straws now. I love it! Thank god for stupid subversives.

Look Ah Peng, “exchange programmes” are … well … exchange programmes. That’s all. Malaysians have had exchange programmes with schools across the world since before you were conceived. In my Sekolah Menengah days, we had exchange students from Norway, the U.S., Germany, Japan, Australia and Canada. I myself spent a few months in a California high school as part of an AFS exchange programme when you were still shitting in your diapers under momma’s bed. But this is temporary, not more than one school year, and for the very few, less than one percent.

What KPKhoo should understand is that these exchange students ALL come from integrated schools teaching in ONE language, be it English, French, Japanese, Spanish or whatever. For him to use “exchange programmes” to justify vernacular schools or a multilingual common school (whatever that means) reveals his own cranial limitation. And I thought he is some sort of pseudo-intellectual? Sorry lah brader. You are lightweight fluff living off the hands of your own bigoted kind, sanitizing their toxic racist groupthink with your fa├žade of intellectualism made believable by a pathetic lembik nerdy persona.

KPKhoo said:-
“Back to this Najib flavoured, 1Sekolah initiative, I have a creepy feeling reading the tagline of this campaign: Satu Sekolah untuk Satu Bahasa, Satu Bangsa, Satu Negara.”

“Najib flavoured”? Listen you wimpy simpleton, Satu Sekolah has as much chance of being “Najib flavoured” as Khoo Kay Peng has of being Haji Hadi marinated! So you think we get wads of cash from Najib the same way you pimp your sorry ass to be bankrolled by the Pakatan moneymen? Sungguh menakjubkan!
Folks, KPKhoo thinks PM Najib has a hand in this. Now that’s the joke of the year. Yo bro satD, Kembara, Dal, Sepadu, JMD, Rezuan, Zazaland, Omong, Cenderawasih, NJ, Unker Yew plus Rocky, Dato' Sam, AVoice, Parpu, Piggy Singh, Melayu Lama, Balan and the rest of the crew, Najib really has a hand in this? Ha ha ha, that’s a good one. While you’re at it, Ah Peng, please tell us who drafted the memo? Muhyiddin himself? Or maybe we hired Mr. Cerpen, Chamil Wariya? How about Awang Selamat?

And this softy complained of getting “a creepy feeling” with the tagline “Satu Bahasa, Satu Bangsa, Satu Negara.” I’m confused here. Isn’t this what his demigod Unker Kit has been fighting for in his Malaysian Malaysia mantra? Isn’t it the same thing? Yeah, satu Bahasa, satu Bangsa, satu Negara should equal “Malaysian Malaysia” where we are no more segregated by race and creed and live as one big Bangsa Malaysia? No? Then what has the DAP been shouting about all these years? A Malaysian Malaysia of Mandarin and Tamil and Manglish speakers?

And isn’t this
“Satu Bahasa, Satu Bangsa, Satu Negara" consistent with Pakatan Rakyat’s Ketuanan Rakyat? Yeah, the Rakyat indivisible, undifferentiated and sama hak, sama rata in a celebration of together-getherness as satu bahasa, satu bangsa, satu Negara. Betul? Salah also? Haiyah. Then what? Yes, beyond the rhetoric, what do Malaysian Malaysia and Ketuanan Rakyat actually mean?

Tell us, how could clusters of foreign language speakers exhibiting exaggerated renditions of foreign cultures and in contempt of the 67% Bumiputra majority be part of anything except their own little selves in their own little enclaves concerned about their own little SJKCs and SJKTs as amply demonstrated by you here? Pathetic.

KPKhoo said:-
“I have question for the proponents of this initiative, which bahasa (language)?”

Huh? Which bahasa? What is this? A trick question? Kay Peng, stare at your MyCard and see what bahasa it is written in. Yes, that is the bahasa. And don’t tell me even this is an issue now? My God, this self-proclaimed political analyst and corporate consultant has not heard of Article 152 of the Federal Constitution. What next? Why the Duli Yang Maha Mulia Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di-Pertuan Agong cannot be a Chinese fella? Why no Tamil Negaraku? Talking about anthems, Kay Peng, in what language is the Singapore anthem? See, even old Harry Lee know his place in the bigger scheme of things. But here we have an inconsequential Leng Chai mischievously asking what bahasa shall be used in our Sekolah Kebangsaan! Bizarre.

Folks, I hate it when people play dumb, asking the obvious. It’s like the hooker faking affection to an ugly slob of a client. Why don’t we ask KPKhoo, “what bahasa he think it should be?” What? He would probably say English with some Mandarin and Tamil and a smidgen of Malay thrown in? Hello KPKhoo, what country are you talking about here? You think you are in some god-forsaken island enclave off China’s coast? I think these Pakatan zealots are terminally delusional.
Seriously, if even the national language is subject to ridicule and brought into disrepute on something as fundamental as education, do you think this guy is amenable to intelligent dialogue?

KPKhoo said:-
These language purists are not consistent with their stand. In the age of globalisation, it is suicidal and stupid to suggest that Malaysian children should only be taught the mastery of a language.”

“Language purists”? See the Khoo pot calling the kettle black? Yeah, what is KPKhoo then, with his defense of China’s national language as the language of instruction at the SJKC? Actually, this pro-China subversive is the mother of all “language purists,” belligerently pushing his chosen foreign language down the throats of Malaysians. And what “stand” is he referring to? Again, this guy throws irrelevant rhetoric to prop his failed argument. See the bigot rearing his ugly head again? KPKhoo is parroting the same old racist lines that a common national school will not teach any other language except Bahasa Malaysia, the “Malay” they hate so much and that send shivers up their racist spines.

Hello Mr. Bigot, go read the memo one more time. You think we are a bunch of degenerate racist retards like you and your sponsors? You think we don’t value English? Arabic? Spanish? Even Mandarin? See? We do allow the learning of your cherished foreign language (and please lah, don’t bluff by calling Mandarin your “mother tongue”). But remember, these foreign languages are secondary to Malaysia’s one and only official language, Bahasa Malaysia.

And since you mentioned “suicidal and stupid,” yes, your community’s irrational glorification of vernacular schools has been “suicidal and stupid” and has led to their alienation and estrangement from Mainstream Malaysiana, which gave rise to the social instabilities endured by all of us today.

KPKhoo said:-
"Rockybru is trying to link this initiative to the Singaporean model. I don't have a problem with the Singaporean model which is merit-based and learning focused. If we can take out both politics and religion from the schools, a good integrated education system focusing on knowledge and skills acquisition would be proper for our country ... But Rockybru is definitely pushing his luck trying to equate 1Sekolah to the Singaporean system.”

Rocky can speak for himself, but I don't quite follow Ah Peng's logic modules here. Rocky mentioned the Singapore school system to show that even in that Chinese-centric island state, there are no SJKCs and SJKTs. The pupils all go to one school in the English medium, and where Malay, Mandarin and Tamil are compulsory languages for the various ethnic groups. And it shall be the same here with Satu Sekolah, with Bahasa Malaysia being the language of instruction (except for PPSMI), English being a compulsory subject for all, and supplemented by Mandarin and Tamil language classes for those in need.

So how come Ah Peng suddenly melatah tak tentu arah like some old sireh-deprived Nyonya and throw in meritocracy into the ring? Waah, so protective of Singapore ah? Cannot even be mentioned anecdotally? Waulaueh, so precious one ah? Lu punya kah? TNS.
And what
merit-based and learning focused utopia is he bitching about here? Aisey Ah Peng, you mean to say that our Standards 1 to 6 not based on merit kah? Really ah? You really think there’s no merit even in the Sekolah Rendah? Like this susahlah. No more harapan. Then based on what? A child’s cuteness? Haiya, like that you’ll be in standard 2F lah. Oh, now I know why I was in the top classes at the Sekolah Rendah all those years. Must be my cuteness (yeah folks, I admit I was a darn cute little critter ...), and not because I aced all the exams and lompat kelas dua kali. Incredible again. Folks, in Khoo Kay Peng's little cyber-universe, blondes and cute juveniles have more fun.

KPKhoo said:-
This campaign has started on the wrong footing: Blaming disunity on vernacular schools.

Yeah, and you KPKhoo shot your own foot by attributing every conceivable malady in this country to your UMNO bogeymen, and totally oblivious to the incessant racist provocations by your gang of subversives, including your latest treasonous rant (and accompanying seditious comments) hot off the cybergutter.

KPKhoo said:-
"The proponents of 1Sekolah cannot even be truthful about the main problem of disunity and racial disharmony. Why blame the Chinese and Tamil vernacular schools when it was obvious that some UMNO politicians had started the racial blame game?"

See the one-tracked worldview of this typical “damaged good” filled to the brim with neo-Communist
Chinese racist propaganda? Everyone and everything they disagree are lumped back to the general, all-purpose bogeyman, UMNO, although the DN Community made it clear in the memo that they are apolitical and not tied to any political party. You see, anti-national subversives such as Khoo Kay Peng have declared war on the Malay majority, and being party automatons themselves, they made UMNO synonymous with Malays in their groupspeak. See, this is typical Communist mindset, where there must be a common enemy for collective hate and to motivate new cadres straight out of the SJKCs. Notice the uncanny resemblance to Dear Leader? Yeah, he’s getting there. Give a few more years of hate and indroctination.

Yup, their hatred and bigotry against the Malays are expressed in unbridled UMNO-bashing. How can KPKhoo promote himself as a “political analyst” when he himself is an unadulterated, partisan Malay-hater (yeah, remember, “UMNO” is the codeword for Malay in these peoples’ convoluted minds). In the propagandic mindshare of these party cadres, the Malays (=UMNO) “started the racial blame game.” Amazing. Was it the Malays who paraded around KL on May 12, 1969 showing their puny uncut dicks at the police and Malay bystanders and shouting “Melayu sakai balik hutan!” and “Kita sekarang berkuasa!” and what not? And in the blogosphere, who do think started this sick Race War? The Orang Melayu? Do some cyberforensics and go back 4-5 years. Read the thick rotten anti-Malay, anti-Islam garbage dished out by Malaysia Today, People's Parliament and their kinds, not to mention Malaysiakini and now Malaysian Insider and The Nut Graph.

When did the Malays fight back? Yeah, very recently. Demi Negara entered the scene only in September 2008, after KijangMas said enough is enough with the avalanche of Malay-bashing in the blogosphere! So Kay Peng, the Malay majority has no right to react and defend themselves? Ini macam mana boleh? Kan lu orang suka hidup dalam alam kesamarataan. Jadi kita sama-sama hantam lah. Betulkah? Baru syiok. Kalau tidak, si Ah Peng punya geng syiok sendiri saja, manyak-manyak cyber-TaFeiKei. Mana boleh.

Folks, to these anak manjas, when the anti-Malays brazenly attacked Malays and Islam, it is called freedom of expression. When the Malays react to these cyber-terrorism, we are called “racists.” How very convenient for these Communist b*st*rds uh? Hey, I thought they are big on meritocracy and level playing fields? What’s with all these nomenclature tongkats?

KPKhoo said:-

"Did you hear any students or teachers from the vernacular schools doing the same?"

Again, see the typical spinning of the issue? KPKhoo again feign ignorance by comparing 7-12 year old vernacular schoolkids with the grown men of UMNO.

Let me ask him: has he heard of equivalent-age Sekolah Kebangsaan students doing the same? Yes? No? Ah Peng, kalau mau pakai budak SJKC, lu harus banding dengan budak SK, sama umur, baru adil. Betulkah? Apasal selalu main tidak rata, berat sebelah. Kan lu orang tuntut kesamarataan? Lu punya contoh pun mesti sama rata maah ....

As for vernacular school teachers, who knows? But I wouldn't be surprised if they pollute the minds of the youngsters with horror stories of the Melayu Jahat, as this attitude seemed clearly imprinted in the eyes and minds of the SJKC kids that I come across. To the Malays here, let me ask, can you recall the last time your neighbourhood SJKC student say hi or even maintain eye contact with you? No. They would either stare in suspended animation (with full fight or flight option activated) for three seconds or would scurry back into their grilled fortresses before you finished saying “apa khabar adik …?” Betul tak?

KPKhoo said:-
"Why is Rockybru keeping his golden silence when a vernacular newspaper, Utusan Melayu, from his media group is keeping up with the tradition of racial flaming?"

Again, Communist-type spin here. Kay Peng, if a Bahasa Malaysia publication is deemed a “vernacular newspaper,” then what is not “vernacular” then? English? Why? So you’re an Englishman who view these Asian languages as "vernacular" to differentiate them from your English mother tongue? Englishman my ass! You would fit perfectly among the noisy software peddling Leng Chais at Low Yat Plaza. And since when did Utusan Malaysia (the “Melayu” one was in Jawi, RIP, stupid), became part of Rocky's Malay Mail corporate group? Waulau, this "know-all" self-declared Corporate CONsultant don't even know the difference between the Malay Mail and Utusan groups, thinking these Melayus must be from the same corporate cave!

And why do you, Ah Peng, care if Rocky maintains his “golden silence”? I don’t see you making noise to condemn all those seditious remarks spewed by your friends daily? See? Again, double standards by the purveyors of equality.

KPKhoo said:-
"It is disappointing to see a group of 'pro-unity' bloggers parotting the same rhetoric to cause even more disunity."

What parroting to cause disunity? See folks, we call a spade a spade and push for a single school system to embrace the minorities and forge a unified, cohesive Bangsa Malaysia and this clueless bigot refused to leave his comfort zone and accuse us of causing “even more disunity”! Haiya. See, they can do no wrong. They are perfect beings. All these disunity are caused by the Malay majority. Isn’t life perfect in their neat little Communist-distorted world?

KPKhoo said:-

"Calling the vernacular schools as a cancer and a cause of our society's destruction is both shameful and dishonest."

No, they are a cancer to our society. I've been around long enough to see TWO Malaysia in my lifetime. The second Malaysia we are enduring right now was substantially created by the mass segregation of our schoolkids beginning two decades ago. These people -- your generation -- are now coming of age and are slowly and surely dominating your community's mindset. I know that even parents are ridiculed for their lack of or having unpolished Mandarin skills to the extent where they themselves take remedial Mandarin lessons to "keep up" with their kids' ultra-Chineseness.

This is the exact inverse of ALL other immigrant communities in the world, where the younger generation would have been fully integrated into the dominant social milieu and they in turn would take great pains to absorb their own parents into the prevailing "native" cultural-linguistic universe. Why? Because there are no special schools to teach ancestral languages and culture from some obscure homeland.

Over time, these SJKC and SJKT-dominated families and communities drifted away from the Malay-flavoured mainstream and languish in their own little Mandarin and Tamil-centric enclaves and ghettos, as so profoundly evident in the West Coast of the peninsula. You must be blind not to see the impact on Malaysian society of these supersegregated communities living in their own little social cocoons that have nothing to do with the rest of the country. Stroll into any mall and observe the crowd dynamics and utter lack of inter-ethnic interaction. And even if these people bridge the yawning ethnic divide and communicate, it would be in some improvised tongue and set upon a tense undercurrent of mutual animosity just barely curtailed by the practical necessity of that moment.

Is this the society you want to live in? Or do you plan to pack-up and leave after you have created all the social havoc in your writings? You think about it.

KPKhoo said:-
“Yes, the definition of vernacular schools should include both Malay and religious schools too. I wonder why these 'pro-unity' bloggers had limited the term 'vernacular' to only both Chinese and Tamil schools. How can unity be achieved through this kind of stereotyping?”

See the Communist-type mind-bending propaganda here? Ah Peng, where got “Malay school”? Where? We have the SJKC and SJKT vernacular schools. And we have the SK national schools. Where got “Malay school”?

Ah Peng, if you define the Sekolah Kebangsaan as a “Malay school,” and then define this “Malay school” also as a “vernacular school” on par with the SJKC and SJKT in its non-national status, then you have presented yourself as either a hopelessly ignorant buffoon OR a treasonous subversive cum social provocateur or both, which then makes you a troublemaking idiot.

Folks, this maladjusted ignoromous has unilaterally redefined Malaysia’s education system by proclaiming the existence of not two but four types of vernacular schools in this country: Chinese, Tamil, “Malay” and “religious.” So we have NO national schools, tiada Sekolah Kebangsaan! Kita hanya ada berbagai sekolah jenis kebangsaan, iaitu SJKC, SJKT …. dan sekarang SJK Melayu! Wow! And since when did “religious schools” also fall into the “vernacular” pool? Ah Peng must have misunderstood the meaning of “vernacular,” thinking that “religion” is also a variant of language. Menakjubkan.

Folks, see how dangerous these morally bankrupt spinmeisters can be to our society? See how they twist facts and manufacture their own little paradigms and connotations to suit their twisted prejudices and subversive inclinations? No wonder a Communist China-worshipping unrepentant mass murderer like Chin Peng are now worshipped and deified like some angelic messiah from some ChinaSocialHeaven. This ah Peng fella is actually a danger to society and warrant close scrutiny by the authorities.

KPKhoo said:-
"This campaign is politically driven and filled with inflamatory statements ... Bloggers who are part of BUM 2009 should take note of their pro-tem president's endorsement of this type of campaign. The 1Sekolah proponents should just make their intention clear and stop using a scapegoat to drive through their threat and intention."

You blind or stupid or what? What “make their intention clear” crap you talking about? Can’t you understand the purpose of Satu Sekolah? Why must you concoct other agendas and intentions just to divert public attention from the singular focus of this campaign, which is a unified school system? Why can’t you just let go of your malignant bigotry for once and accept and embrace change and find ways to cooperate and contribute? Why do you need to spin this into a mysterious plot replete with scapegoats and threats and "ulterior motives"? Why do you chose to be difficult, and then cry wolf when people react to your difficultness?

No Ah Peng, the only person who use scapegoats and sound threatening here is YOU. Yes, you and your recalcitrant stance to an attempt by a group of apolitical concerned citizens to unite this country via a common school system. YOU are the impediment to this objective. You have scapegoated yourself.

KPKhoo said:-
"It is the bloggers who are critical of the UMNO leadership that you wanted to take on. Not the ignorant and naive primary school students who are still learning their ABC in the Chinese and Tamil vernacular schools."

Folks, incredibly – and I had to reread this line three times to make sure – Khoo Kay Peng in his contorted little mind equate this Satu Sekolah campaign to a war against anti-UMNO bloggers like himself. Wow!

This outburst truly reflects the state of psychotic delusion and acute sense of self-grandiosity suffered by maladjusted cyberjunkies such as Khoo Kay Peng here, the type who spent up to 20 hours a day hunched over their PCs immersed in their own little cyber-reality and sustained by fairytales of their grand-relevance to the workings of the universe.

Yeah, this Khoo Kay Peng sadly is the poster boy of this new-age disease, where sufferers weave the real world (such as the Satu Sekolah campaign and memo to the DPM) to their little virtual blogging universe. I find it hilariously incomprehensible how Ah Peng could equate this nationwide Satu Sekolah campaign to a virtual war against anti-UMNO bloggers. Incredible! Wow. So now everything Malaysians do are invariably tied back to the handful of maladjusted bloggers hovering in cyberspace? I’m speechless.

Imagine a psychoanalysis of this guy .....

KPKhoo's Bravado:-
"If it is the bloggers that you wanted to take on, we have a message for you too: Just Bring It On!"


Apa nih?

Khoo Kay Peng must have been watching too much cartoons between his bloggings. Hey, I thought Samurai Jack has been canned?

Bring what on?

My iron fist on your soft face?

Nah, it would just chip my finely manicured nails.

Relax la Leng Chai. Jangan cepat melatah dan menggelabah. Velly velly un-Chinese lah. Go easy on the belacan ok? Or is it budu? You beginning to sound like my buddy Berahem Ali now. Wow, KhooRaHeem Alee. Now, that’s scary. No need to be a hero here lah.

If you look like this, maybe it’s believable. But for
this cherub to say “Just Bring It On!” is a tad difficult to believe due to the mismatch of body and mouth. He he he. Cuddly fluffy pseudo-intellectual wannabe threatening to get physical …… now, that’s funny. Good anecdote for my upcoming book, “Taming the Cyber Barbarians: Confessions of a SoPo Blogger,” coming soon to a bookstore near you.

KPKhoo's farewell:-
"I have a message for the blogging community. Lets start our own movement: a truly non-racial movement. SAY NO TO RACISM!"

Eh? Copycat kah?

Wah, you anak manjas never want to lose face ah? We start a campaign, you also want your own campaign. Ok, I will join this “Say No To Racism” campaign. I need to stop racists like Khoo Kay Peng and gang.

Lastly, I saw this in KPKhoo’s blog:-

“Contribute to Straight Talk if you like his work:
Account Name: Khoo Kay Peng
Maybank Acct: 512231084814.”

Wah, this is a first. Malaysia Boleh. Khoo Kay Peng Juga Boleh!

Cybersoliciting. Incredible. What is it for again? Save the what fund? Endangered pseudo-intellectual wannabe racists fund?

Maybe we should all start our own fund raising scam. Yeah, mintak duit. The ultimate cybertongkat.

Oh yes, RM2.00 donated to the Khoo CyberSoliciting Account, worthy of the side splitting laughs and fun I had reading his futile rebuttal of Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua.

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